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It is fast in less than 15 minutes the gel is already stained. The dye has a formula based on Coomassie® and is very sensitive.




What are retroviruses?

What are retroviruses?

Today we will look at viruses that have RNA in their structure, namely retroviruses. As we delve into the topic of immunology, we come across such creations as viruses. Viruses themselves are small microbes that infect human cells. Once infected, they use these cells as a replication site. In addition, viruses have many points of...

Hypertension - a big problem of the 21st century

Hypertension – a big problem of the 21st century

Some of the most common conditions among patients are cardiovascular diseases. One of them is the hypertension we are discussing. According to statistics conducted by the WHO, there are currently about 1.28 trillion adult patients in the world suffering from this ailment. According to data from the National Health Fund, in 2018. there were 9.9...


Diabetes – a common disease of the 21st century

In recent years, we can see a systematic increase in the incidence of diabetes detection among the Polish population. At this point, the incidence of diabetes is about 6.54%, which is about 2 million people per country's population. How can we limit the growth of these numbers? What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a chronic...

pseudomonas aeruginosa

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – one bacterium, many diseases

Have you heard of pseudomonas aeruginosa? We often receive information about bacterial infections in the hospital. Despite the maintenance of proper conditions of cleanliness, it is still possible for microorganisms to appear in a particular place. We can call a hospital infection such an infection that develops during your stay or after you leave the...

Movember Men's Cancer Awareness Month

Movember Men’s Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, the month of November reminds us, through the 'Movember' campaign, of the importance of male cancer prevention. Thanks to this event, many men have the opportunity to learn about the importance of preventive examinations in their case. What preventive examinations should a man do to avoid cancer? Testicular self-examination - once a year...

What is Monkeypox 'significant rise in case in Europe and US'

What is monkeypox? – significant rise in case in Europe and US

The World Health Organisation has identified around 80 cases of monkeypox worldwide and around 50 other suspected infections. A leading doctor told Sky News that the UK is facing a "significant increase" over the next week. Monkeypox, which is linked to the now-eradicated smallpox virus, is endemic in parts of central and west Africa. UK...

stealth omicron subvariant

Stealth Omicron: What is the fast spreading Omicron BA.2 subvariant?

A new sub-strain of the Omicron variant called "stealth omicron" has been detected in more than 40 countries and can escape even RT-PCR testing, the UK has said. Sub-strain BA.2, commonly called "stealth omicron", has raised fears of a stronger wave across Europe. So what is this Omicron subvariant and how dangerous is it? Here's...

flurone covid

Alert as 170 cases of “flurone” detected in England, flurone covid

Many will ask "flurone covid what it is", and although there is not much information yet, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health, it is a simultaneous infection of COVID-19 and influenza. The word Flurone covid is a combination of influenza and rona, a contraction of the coronavirus, although it is not a scientific name....

omicron news 2022

omicron news: Half of Europe will be infected with Omicron in short order

Since the release of this variant, we haven't stopped hearing omicron news, so here's another one "Half of Europe will be infected with Omicron in short order". The World Health Organisation(WHO) has warned that half of Europe will have been infected with the Omicron variant of Covid within the next six to eight weeks. Dr...

news PCR tests

News : Light-activated PCR tests

In the last year there have been many developments and news around PCR tests, these days a new approach has emerged by LMU chemists could help to significantly improve PCR-based diagnostic tests. The enzymes used are activated by pulses of light. DNA polymerases and other DNA-modifying enzymes are essential tools in biotechnology and diagnostics. They...


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Stem cells

Stem cells – what is a new type of therapy?

When pregnant patients interested in the topic of medical issues search through information, they come across a term such as 'stem cells'. Although the name seems rather intimidating and complicated, it is not. What do we need this cells for in medicine, and how can we obtain them? What are stem cells? This cells are,...

DNA methylation – what influence do we have on the functioning of DNA

DNA methylation – what effect do we have on DNA activity?

As science has developed, we have started to focus more and more on the material that builds us all - our DNA. We have learnt about its structure, its formation and many other aspects allowing us to delve deeper into the field of science called genetics. As research has progressed, we have also started to...


Bacteria – a colourful world under the microscope

With the development of medicine, we began to look more and more closely at the factors causing all kinds of diseases. Using the microscope, we were able to see colonies of colorful objects in many different shapes. After much research, scientists named them bacteria, which we will learn more about in today's article. How are...

Glycolysis – sweet metabolism

Glycolysis – sweet metabolism

In today's article, we will dive again into the biochemical processes that occur during a process called cellular respiration or Glycolysis. Although we know that this topic will be of greater interest to high school graduates or students of biological and medical faculties, we also encourage others interested in the topic of our body. There...


Replication – the action in DNA

Today we will try to introduce you to one of them – replication. When thinking about genetics, most of us think of the DNA helix. Two lines spinning around each other creating a screw-like shape. However, although genetics is actually based on genetic material in the form of DNA, many different processes are involved. What...

Mitosis (1)

Mitosis – one of the most important stages for the cell

One of the most important skills for a cell is the ability to divide. We know two cell divisions - meiosis and mitosis. Today we will delve into the second one – mitosis. What is mitosis? Mitosis is the process by which one cell divides into two identical daughter cells. During this process, chromosomes are...

Medical analytics – a field for those fascinated by science

Medical analytics – a field for those fascinated by science

Every year, high school graduates struggle with the decision of whether they should study medical analytics. They have to choose which field to choose and what profession they want to pursue in the future. High school graduates who took the Matura exam in natural science subjects, such as chemistry and biology, especially have a large...

Biological medicines - Modernity in pharmacy

Biological medicines – Modernity in pharmacy

The pharmaceutical and biological medicines market is full of all kinds of medicines for most diseases. New OTC and generic medicines appear in pharmacies. However, in addition to the most well-known pharmaceuticals, doctors are increasingly using a relatively new creation in pharmacy - biological medicines. What are these medicines and what diseases do they treat?...

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Avian influenza (Avian Flu) | Bird flu Situation

Avian flu – Is there a threat to humans?

There is information all around us about an increased number of cases of our pets getting sick, the Avian flu. Specialists tell us to keep an eye on our cats so that they do not leave the house to avoid contact with sick birds. Can this disease be transmitted to humans? And if so, how...


Achoo! So what is an allergy?

With the ongoing summer period, many plants begin to bloom. Unfortunately, this process then involves the production of a large amount of pollen, which is then carried by bees to disseminate certain plant species. Why unfortunately? Many of us suffer from a condition called allergy, which is very often caused by contact with various types...

Malaria – still a real threat

Malaria – still a real threat

What is malaria? Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease caused by parasites in the insects' bodies. It is a serious disease and sometimes fatal. The exact species of mosquito that is involved in the infection process is Anopheles. The disease begins with the bite of a mosquito carrier, which, together with a puncture of the skin,...

Radiation sickness

Radiation Sickness What It Is, Symptoms & Treatment

With the release of Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, the public became interested in the atomic bomb and radiation itself. Remembering the explosion in Hiroshima, we witnessed how a large influx of nuclear radiation affects the human body. Many of us also survived the explosion of the Chernobyl power plant, where a real threat of radiation sickness...

Meiosis - an interesting cell cycle

Meiosis – an interesting cell cycle

Meeting with articles or scientific books related to biology, we often come across words such as meiosis and mitosis. Both, despite their mysterious name, play a very important role in the life of the cell. Unfortunately, we often confuse them due to similarities in the name and location of the action. Thanks to this article,...


What is autoimmunity?

In many media we are increasingly hearing about autoimmune diseases or autoimmunity. We hear how dangerous they are for the patient and how often they appear in our population. Is there any way we can defend ourselves against these diseases? And what is the immunization process itself? What is autoimmunity Autoimmunity is manifested by the...

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