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Every year, high school graduates struggle with the decision of whether they should study medical analytics. They have to choose which field to choose and what profession they want to pursue in the future. High school graduates who took the Matura exam in natural science subjects, such as chemistry and biology, especially have a large selection of fields related to work in health care. One of them is medical analytics. What does studying this field look like? What profession awaits us after graduation?

What is Medical Analytics?

The field of higher education described in this article is a type of long-cycle master’s studies. These studies end with obtaining a master’s degree after defending a diploma thesis. The study itself in this field lasts five years. Medical analytics is currently offered by 14 universities in England.

Medical analytics
During their studies, students learn how to properly obtain samples and how to test them

How to get into the field of Medical Analytics?

Each university has separate requirements for the subjects required for the Matura exam. In most cases, however, the most popular are: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and physics and astronomy. Each high school graduate interested in studying this field should familiarize himself with the point thresholds and other recommendations on the website of the selected university. An extended foreign language is also often welcomed.

What do we learn in the field of Medical Analytics?

During studies, the student acquires knowledge in many subjects related to natural sciences, which are mainly based on the fields of chemistry and biology. The student also becomes familiar with many medical subjects. The studies are based on the sciences we need in further work as laboratory diagnosticians. We learn how to prepare biological samples, analyze their composition and determine appropriate parameters. Students learn how to operate laboratory equipment and how to obtain positive results from analyses. The most important subjects in this field are: laboratory diagnostics, hematology, histology, toxicology, microbiological diagnostics, pathomorphology and many others.

Medical analytics – a field
During their studies, students encounter many medical subjects.

What profession awaits us after graduating?

This field of study has many development paths waiting for a young graduate. After obtaining the title of laboratory diagnostician, we can work in various laboratory units, such as medical laboratories or diagnostic laboratories. There is also the possibility of working in research institutions. For those who want to continue achieving new levels of knowledge, it is possible to work as a researcher.

Medical analytics
The photo shows an example of job opportunities in the field of Medical Analytics - work in a diagnostic laboratory.

What features are useful in the field of Medical Analytics?

  • Ambitiousness
  • Accuracy
  • Organized
  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Patience
  • Meticulousness

All the above-mentioned features are needed not only during the study itself, but also during future work in the laboratory. It is always worth improving your values and principles in order to perform your duties as best as possible.


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