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It is fast in less than 15 minutes the gel is already stained. The dye has a formula based on Coomassie® and is very sensitive.



Pipette filter tips - high demand, low supply and uncertain future for the PCR tests
Due to the increased use of PCR there is a worldwide shortage of 1000ul and 1250ul PCR filter tips that are used for safe handling of DNA and RNA samples. Big distributors like Gentaur had already built up a filter tip stock to continue supplying filter tips to diagnostic and forensic laboratories but this stock is already lacking the large filter tips. Small filter tips are still available. Apparently this will not be sufficient since…

Stop hard Manual staining. Exact results from all medical laboratories in the world! Specimens according to GRAM staining method by automated system control. This new innovated stainer features advanced functions and performances over manual staining or automated dip-type stainers, include simplicity and convenience. It can be provide safety and comfortable environment of test lab. Accurate and precision Stain This GRAM Auto Stainer provides fast, easy and stable staining process for staining clinical Can be used…

Nipah virus is classed as an airborne high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in England and clinical assessment should be performed by specialist hospital staff, with adherence to strict infection prevention and control precautions (see below) to prevent secondary transmission. There are currently no agreed case criteria for Nipah virus infection. Consider Nipah virus infection in a patient with a relevant travel or exposure history who presents with a compatible illness, with the onset of illness…

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