Fitzgerald is a US based company with more than 30 years of experience with the production of Antibodies, Proteins, Sera and many more reagents. The company offers more than 30 variations of the antibody against CD31. Well known antibodies are: MKL1, CD133, GAPDH antibody, offering various hosts, applications, and reactivities. The laboratory offers wide range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antibody pairs, as well as purified proteins, both native and recombinant. If there is a specific protein you are looking for, there is a custom-made service that could customize the desired product. The portfolio also includes:

• Purified Immunoglobulins and Conjugated Immunoglobulins
• Kits: ELISA kits, , Apoptopic Cell Isolation kits, Drug Screening kits, Fluorometric and Colorimetric assay kits, Capase Staining, and Annexin-specific Apoptosis detection kits
• Reagents: Diluents, Enzymes, Controls and Calibrators, Substrates, IHC Reagents, Isotype Controls, Mounting Media, and Preservatives
• Animal and Human Serum,Plasma, and Red Blood Cells