Gentaur offers a full range of services, including customised services, instrumental services and more. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Core Services

The importance of customer service can vary depending on the product or service, the industry and the customer. According to Micah Solomon, the perceived success of these interactions will depend on employees being able to adapt to the personality of the customer.

  • Custom protein services
  • Gene synthesis and molecular biology services
  • High throughput services
  • Recombinant antibody production
  • Biotinylation services
  • Custom peptide synthesis

Customised Services

Gentaur Services has quickly become the leading company in the healthcare sector in Pakistan. We are the leading importers, retailers and suppliers to public and private hospitals.

  • Customised antibody services
  • Customised Cell and Gene Therapy Services
  • Customized Compound Library Services
  • Custom ELISA Services
  • Customised Gene Engineering Services
  • Luminex Custom Services
  • Custom Protein Services

High quality custom

Gentaur produces high quality custom proteins, antibodies and ELISAs that enable biological breakthroughs and breakthrough discoveries. Our extensive portfolio of product development and sample analysis services demonstrates our manufacturing capabilities. Work with our experienced scientists to create exceptional reagents, customised to your specifications.


Custom ELISA Kits

Create custom ELISA kits with optimized assays specific to your research objectives, whether preclinical, toxicological or clinical, by collaborating with our scientists who developed the Quantikine® gold standard ELISA kits.


Genome engineering services

Work with our team of experts to design and develop the cell line of your choice. We specialise in complex genome editing, including knock-out and knock-in, and can meet your production needs through our new GMP facility.


Customised antibody services

Our custom antibody services range from immunisation and purification to conversion and engineering of recombinants for cell therapy applications.


Bespoke protein production

Develop custom proteins with our expertise in cloning, expression, purification, conjugation, formulation and modification to meet your early-stage R&D needs and long-term pipeline delivery.

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