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GeneXpert® Systems 10th August 2021

We present to You Systems from GeneXpert® made by Cepheid®. What are GenExpert® Systems? Genexpert Systems are instruments that may improve diagnostic research. The focus of their work is real time PCR. Other name for this technique is quantitative PCR. It allows us to determine the amount of a given DNA sequence in the sample by means of fluorescence measurements. In this kind of PCR mRNA is a template. DNA synthesis on the mRNA template… Continue reading
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FilmArray® multiplex PCR system 4th August 2021

We present to You FilmArray® PCR systems from BioFire®. What is FilmArray® System? BioFire® system devices use multiplex PCR technology. They are produced to do work of several different instruments at once. They take samples, extract genetic material, amplificate, detect and analize the results of experiment. They are really fast, because it takes them aproximately 2 minutes to take a sample and less than an hour to give results. They enable to detect simultaneously bacteria,… Continue reading
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Panbio Covid Test 3rd August 2021

We present to You the best Covid kit made in Abbott Laboratories – PanbioTM Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test. Covid 19: The Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. It spreads by human-to-human transmission via droplets or direct contact. The most common places of infection are mouth, eyes and nose. Incubation period lasts about four to six days. At the beginning of the infection symptoms are very similar to those that appear during… Continue reading