ATTO Biotech is a Japanese company with over 50 years of experience in development of simple, useful and economical equipments to advance biological and biochemical researches. Modern scientists and technologist now hope to investigate in detail and deeply into exploratory research on the “ATTO” scale. This is the field ATTO is ready to enter.

Atto featured products are:

  • Electrophoretic Apparatus(1D, 2D, agarose electrophoresis)
  • Power supplies
  • Western Blotting equipment
  • Gel Documentation System(Printgraph -Gel Documentation System, LuminiGraph Chemiluminescent Imaging System and ATTO CS Analyzer 4 Image analysis software)
  • Tube luminometers
  • Microplate luminometer
  • Bioluminescence measurement Kronos Dio and Kronos HT- measurement system for living cell and tissues
  • Perista® Pump
  • Illuminators
  • Bioluminescnece imaging system for living cell and tissues- Cellgraph
  • Time-lapse live cell imaging system- CytoWatcher


All Atto products could be purchased via Gentaur.