AAT Bioquest is a US company known for its reliable, high-performance products that enable researchers to better understand biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and molecular biology.

It is known for its fluorescence and luminescence photometric detection technologies. It offers a complete range of kits, probes and accessory reagents for colorimetric and fluorimetric analysis of cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Unique probes and detection systems remarkably cover calcium ion and other signal transduction research, cell physiology and neurology, from R&D to HTS screening.

AAT Bioquest is a US-based bioreagents company specialising in assay technologies. It is currently based in California. Their products have applications in drug discovery and diagnostic research and they are continuously expanding their product portfolio. They stand out for their iFluor and Fluo-8 kits.

AAT Bioquest strives to innovate and push the boundaries of assay technology.

Their unique and integrative approach to assay development draws on all fields of study, from chemistry to biology to informatics and beyond, resulting in a wave of next-generation photometric probes using colorimetric, fluorimetric and luminescent technologies.