Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturer specializing in high-sensitivity, high-specificity, ELISA kits and WB/IHC compatible antibodies. The antibodies that the company offers are thoroughly validated for IHC, WB, ELISA and Flow Cytometry. The company strives to provide best service and has earned the trust of researchers worldwide. The company offers wide variety of products the most widely used trademarks that the company patented are:
• PicoKine™ ELISA Kit
• ELISA DIY Antibody Pairs–EZ Set™ ELISA Kit
BosterBio has updated it’s portfolio with variety of research products for the rising again COVID-19 pandemic. Company offers:
• COVID-19 QPCR Kits, Primers & QPCR Instruments
• Human COVID-19 Reactive Biomarkers
• Antibodies & Recombinant Proteins For COVID-19
• Multiplex COVID-19 Biomarkers Assay
• Instruments For COVID-19 Research
• Custom Antibody Service For COVID-19
• Gene Editing: C. Elegans & Zebrafish
All products are covered by the Boster Quality Guarantee, that each will work as advertised or your money back, subject to T&Cs.
All Boster products could be purchased via Gentaur.