ACTGene is a biotech company based in USA that manufactures reagents and kits for molecular biology applications. Their special focus is in the field of genetics and more precisely in the PCR assays:

  • Real Time PCR Mastermixes (High, Low and No ROX)
  • Conventional PCR Mastermixes
  • PCR enzymes (Hot start and standard; Red, Blue or No loading dye)
  • Separate component for PCR (dNTPs, buffers)

Their quickAmp™ Genomic PCR Kits are intended for a quick and easy DNA extraction from various samples that is immediately ready to be used in PCR applications:

  • quickAmp™ Tissue PCR Kit
  • quickAmp™ Plant PCR Kit
  • quickAmp™ Seed PCR Kit

ACTGene completes the PCR product lines with the necessary equipment to run the PCR reaction, run your samples on an electrophoresis and read the results:

  • Agilecycler™ Gradient Thermo Cycler
  • Premium II™ Gradient Thermo Cycler
  • SLIM™ Thermo Cycler
  • AgileCycler™Gradient Thermal Cycler
  • Premium II™ Gradient Thermal Cycler
  • SLIM™ Thermal Cycler (16-well Portable and Mobile with Optional Car Charger)

ComboMini™ Electrophoresis System

  • Electrophoresis Grade Agaroses
  • DNA markers
  • UV Spectrophotometer

ACTGene’s product lines include also equipment and reagents for protein electrophoresis, Western Blot (WB) and accessory equipment and lab consumables of wide use:

  • AgileBlotter™ – Automated Western Blot Processor Washing and Incubation of strip-based assays
  • AgileSealer™ Multi-well Plate Sealer
  • AgileReader™ ELISA Plate Reader & Washer
  • SpotLiter™ 96 well Plate Tracker
  • Vortex Mixer, Rotator & Roller
  • Bath & Incubator
  • Homogenizer & Tissue Grinder
  • Pipettor & Pipet Controller

And last but not least ACTGene has a dedicated product line to help you use the cloned DNA fragments for cell transformation. The Convoy™ Transfection Reagent and the wide range of cell selection reagents will nicely complete your cloning experiment.