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Rabbit Thymus Acetone Powder consists of two parts: the greater thoracic and lesser cervical, which are continuous with each other without an isthmus. In conclusion, the significant developmental changes in the rabbit thymus are similar to those in other species, but maintain a delayed temporal evolution.
Rabbit Thymus Acetone Powder are Thyme glands are collected from rabbits (New Zealand Whites or California Whites, 8-12 weeks old, both sexes and fasting at slaughter) and frozen on dry ice within 30 minutes of slaughter. Thyme powder is prepared using a proprietary method of dehydration with acetone.

Rabbit Thymus Acetone Powder 2

Rabbit Thymus Acetone Powder

Rabbit Thymus Acetone Powders consists of two parts, the greater thoracic and the lesser cervical, which are continuous with each other without an isthmus. In conclusion, significant changes in the development of the rabbit thymus are similar to those of other species, but occur over a longer period of time.

What is acetone powder?
Any preparation of disintegrated cells obtained from tissues or unicellular organisms that involves dehydration with acetone to form a powder. It is relatively stable and is used in the preparation of some enzymes.


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The thymus is the first of the lymphoid organs to form. It is unique among the lymphoid organs in that it is an epithelial organ in which epithelial cells provide a structure containing mainly T cells and a smaller number of other lymphoid cells. As its structure is predominantly lymphoid and hormone production is questionable, it is described in the lymphoid system rather than the endocrine system. The thymus is a central site of T cell formation. It is recognised as the accelerator of lymphopoiesis, because if it has not developed before birth, the immune system cannot be established.

  • Application: Immunological assays
  • Storage conditions: -10°C or lower
  • Shipping conditions: Dry ice
  • Tissue type: Thyme
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Application notes: Useful for immunoassays and protein purification.
  • Warranty: The quality of the product is guaranteed according to Pel-Freez Biologicals specifications for one year from the date of receipt by the customer, provided the product is stored according to the stated storage conditions.
  • Test: Protein concentration: > 20% according to Biuret Ouchterlony protein test: positive reaction with anti-SSB, anti-RNP, anti-SCL-70 and anti-SM; negative reaction with anti-SSA Moisture: report result
  • Packaging: Polypropylene bottles
  • Donor gender: Mixed
  • Product types: Acetone powder

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