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Mononuclear cells

Mononuclear cells, or Total Nuclear Cells, are mesenchymal stem cells involved in tissue regeneration and repair processes. They are primitive, non-specialised cells that have the ability to transform themselves into different types of cells in the body. Their function is to replace tissue damaged as a result of trauma or ageing. What are mononuclear cells? Circulating or tissue-resident mononuclear cells are activated by immune or complement complexes and produce a range of cytokines and chemokines…

What is monkeypox? – significant rise in case in Europe and US

The World Health Organisation has identified around 80 cases of monkeypox worldwide and around 50 other suspected infections. A leading doctor told Sky News that the UK is facing a "significant increase" over the next week. Monkeypox, which is linked to the now-eradicated smallpox virus, is endemic in parts of central and west Africa. UK authorities are detecting new cases of monkeypox every day, a leading doctor has warned. The UK faces a "significant increase"…