Arbor Assays is an American company with more than 50 years combined experience in designing, developing, building and manufacturing assays for both RUO and IVD.
Some of the Arbor Assays products are:

  • ELISA Kits: 2′,3′-Cyclic GAMP ELISA Kit, Cortisol ELISA Kit, Cyclic GMP Direct ELISA Kit
  • Antibodies and Affinity Resins
  • Components and Ancillary Reagents: Blocking, Wash and Coating Buffer, Stop Solution, TMB Substrate
  • Inhibitors and Activators


Arbor Assays offers high quality assay development, assay consultancy, rare reagent generation and sample testing services. The company has extensive experience in developing high-quality kits used to measure molecules such as hydrogen peroxide, cyclin AMP, cytokinin, phosphokinase, etc. They specialise in the use of almost all available detection and solids-based technologies, such as enzymatic and chemical colorimetry, fluorescent, chemiluminescent and bioluminescent agents.
The company has good relationships with several high-quality chemical-organic synthesis companies, which, in accordance with their directives, successfully create derivatives of biological molecules suitable for efficient conjugation to produce rare reagents.