BioinGenTech is a company dedicated to PCR kits offering End Point, Real Time, and One Step PCR Kits. The kits could be used with most of the thermocyclers, which makes them suitable for every laboratory. All the kits are available in 48T, 96T and 150T. You will find a huge variety of Pathogens that could be detected with the kits from various hosts: birds, canine, porcine, equine, feline, bovine, shrimp, ovine and camel, exotic pathogens, and plant.

Their portfolio includes:

• Bioterios Pathogen Detection
• Veterinary PCR kits
• Mycoplasma Pathogen Detection
• Water Pathogen Detection
• Human Pathogen Detection

The Chilean biotechnology company provides products and services that improve the quality of life for humans and animals. As a result, they develop applied science and patent tools for life sciences. The tools are of high quality and their services include veterinary testing and human genetics research.