Krishgen Biosystems is a leading biotechnology company created to serve the research and biotechnology industry. Their goal is to enable advances in biological research, diagnostics, drug discovery and therapy development. The products they produce and supply range from proteins, assays, cell cultures and other such tools.

Krishgen BioSystems is a biotechnology company that provides tools for biological research, diagnostics, drug discovery and therapy development.

They are committed to providing our customers with world-class solutions, services and support. Their expertise in providing quality products at competitive prices is backed by their worldwide distribution agreements. Their strength lies in our ability to understand technologies and support scientists with technical assistance and strong logistics.

They meet the needs of their biopharmaceutical and preclinical customers by providing a range of proprietary research kits for researchers. They offer fully optimised and validated products for preclinical and clinical studies.

Their ELISA kits and other analytical reagents are an innovative and cost-effective tool for disease research, drug discovery and development, and molecular diagnostic test development.

Their CE marked ELISA kits from Krishgen for therapeutic drug monitoring, such as tests for Rituximab, Adalimumab, Eculizumab, Daratumumab, Trastuzumab and also for incretin mimetic drugs – GLP1 agonists such as Exenatide, Liraglutide, Semaglutide, Lixisenatide.

They also have several ELISA kits for peptide drugs that are RUO, such as vasopressin and octreotide.

Through their office in India, they also distribute products for leading companies in South East Asia and the Middle East.

Krishgen is a privately held biotechnology company with links to academia to provide tools for scientists. With a strong expertise in immunology, we believe in providing quality kits, reagents and consumables.

Krishgen Biosystems Mission

Its mission is to supply validated, high quality, highly sensitive tests and reagents worldwide at competitive prices, backed by dedicated technical support.

Certified and accredited, we aim to provide unique tests and reagents for the life sciences.