Abbexa is a supplier and distributor of biological reagents to the life science sector, companies involved in pharmaceutical and biotechnology development. The company is located in Cambridge, UK. Abbexa supplies primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, proteins, enzymes ELISA kits and other molecular biology kits and tools. Working with many laboratories around the world, we provide proven products of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

It is a specialist supplier of antibodies and proteins to customers around the world. Whether you are conducting scientific, pharmaceutical, diagnostic or other biological research, the monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, proteins and other biological reagents offered by Abbexa are designed to make your research easier. Abbexa staff are aware that it is sometimes difficult to find the right antibodies for your needs, and therefore offer custom proteins, peptides and antibodies.

Abbexa considers it its duty to give scientists and researchers the highest quality products with the highest possible standards of customer service. The company wants to provide the best possible support to its contractors and guarantees the highest level of satisfaction for its customers. If you are not satisfied with the results/performance of your reagents/products the company offers you an immediate exchange or return. We invite you to learn more about the quality guarantee.

A biotechnology company based at the world-renowned Cambridge Science Park in the UK. The company supplies biological tools to the life sciences, pharmaceutical development and biotechnology sectors.

Abbexa Limited provides the scientific community with

  • primary antibodies,
  • secondary antibodies,
  • ELISA protein kits and enzymes,

including other kits and tools for use in research. They collaborate with other laboratories around the world to develop appropriate, high quality tested products for the biomedical research market.

In addition, they are committed to providing scientists and researchers with the best customer service and quality products. They provide the best support aimed at customer satisfaction and if a customer is not satisfied with the performance of their product, they offer an immediate replacement or refund. They are always striving for improvement and get in touch with any question or comment.

The company values the environment, so they constantly strive to choose the best and most responsible ways to get their products to customers. They choose sustainable options that aim to minimise their carbon footprint – from the production of the product, to packaging and shipping.