DLDevelop is a manufacturer of biological reagents for life science. The company is specialized in ELISA kits, having more than 6000 high quality kits, available as sandwich or competitive inhibition format, all manufactured following QC protocols. Its quality has been proved by repeated verification and destructive tests. The shelf life of the ELISA kits is 12 months. Some of the most searched kits are: Human GAL1 ELISA Kit, which is may be a potentially therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer, Human IL-7 ELISA Kit, which has shown to significantly reduce AIDS virus in mice or Human Adropin ELISA Kit. The kits are grouped in several categories: Cytokines, Apoptosis, Endocrinology, Tumor immunity, Cardiovascular biology, Neuro science, Kidney biomarker, Metabolic pathway, Infection immunity.
In the DLDevelop´s catalog could be found:

• ELISA Kits, Quantitative determination kit
• Antibodies: FC Antibody, Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibody