BioAssays is a leader in the production of assay kits which are convenient to use and simple. The detection techniques that are used for the assay analysis are safe and non-radioactive. The areas of research that the kits are focused on are:

• Oxidative Stress
• Blood and Urine Chemistry
• Anions and Cations
• Metabolism
• HTS Reagents
• Signal Transduction
• Enzyme Activity
• Other Reagents

Some of BioAssays most used kits are:
• EnzyChrom Assay Kits like Creatine Kinase, Intestinal Permeability, Free Fatty Acid
• EnzyFluo Bile Acid Asasy kit
• Malachite Green Phosphate Assay Kit
• QuantiChrom Assay Kits: Calcium, Calcium, Urea