Genorise Scientific, Inc. provides biological sample preparations, antibody reagents, Elisa kits, bioconjugates, multiplex bioassay kits, microarray systems for multiplex biomarker detection and point-of-care molecular diagnostics.
They also offer reliable bioanalytical services such as forensic testing, genetic engineering and molecular diagnostics of diseases. They provide a variety of biological reagents for forensic testing, research and product development.

DNA isolation kits have been used for forensic DNA testing, genotyping of transgenic and knockout mice, SNP detection and copy number variation. Antibody and Elisa kits are currently used to detect specific antigens in pigs, chickens, dogs and horses. They also supply a variety of bioconjugates including biotin-conjugated primary antibodies, streptavidin-conjugated secondary antibodies and HRP.

They provide biological reagents, analytical instruments and services.
Genorise Scientific is headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 2010. At this location, Genorise Scientific employs approximately 3 people. The company operates in the following industry: Beauty salons. Genorise Scientific has an annual revenue of approximately $150 000.