APExBio is an American Company which provides a high quality products in more than 20 research fields. You can find in it’s portfolio Enzymes, Fluorescent Labels, Peptides, Small Molecule Activators and Inhibitors, Modified Nucleotides, Assay Kits, various tools for Molecular Biology, Compound Libraries and mRNA synthesis. All of the products have COAs, Mass Spectrum, HPLC, and HMNR, as well as in vitro validation to prove their high quality.

Apexbio’s products could be divided into the following categories:

  • Amino Acids & Building Blocks
  • DNA/RNA Prep Kit
  • Growth Factors
  • Natural Products
  • Bioactive Peptides
  • Biotinylation Reagents
  • Biochemicals
  • Tag PeptidesDrug Screening Panel