Our partner EpigenTek is the leading developer and supplier of innovative technologies and products for epigenetic research. Founded in 2005, the company has developed a broad portfolio of proprietary products to provide comprehensive and systematic solutions for epigenetic research and drug discovery.

At least three systems, including DNA methylation, histone modification and silencing of non-coding RNA (nRNA)-associated genes, are currently believed to cause and maintain epigenetic changes. Ongoing new research continually highlights the role of epigenetics in a range of human disorders and life-threatening diseases.

EpigenTek’s unique epigenetic research tools are specifically designed to make testing much simpler, faster, more convenient and more effective than traditional methods. EpigenTek’s products and services are used worldwide by leading universities, major pharmaceutical companies and leading biotechnology companies.

EpiGentek’s goals are to help scientists solve epigenetic problems and to develop and introduce products that help them. Customer satisfaction is their main objective, which they achieve through reliability, timeliness and quality of service.

They encourage and facilitate the introduction of epigenetics for medical purposes. They are pioneers in the development of epigenetics-related products by analysing technological trends.
As an epigenetics-related company, Epigentek Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of new biotechnology technologies and products. The company was founded in 2005. Since then, it has developed a proprietary product portfolio to provide a comprehensive and methodical offering related to epigenetics in drug discovery.
Epigentek’s products are used worldwide. They are highly regarded in academia and in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our products are designed to make testing easier, faster, cheaper and more effective than current methods. Epigentek products are sold through a dedicated sales force and a worldwide network of distributors in over thirty-six countries. Our priority is to use new technologies to contribute to the maximum success and satisfaction of our customers.
The company is distinguished by the speed and efficiency of its technologies. The company continues to focus on innovation and development of epigenetics to advance and expand its product portfolio.

The mission is to :

To build and become the world’s leading provider of epigenetics-related products, technologies and services through innovative and intelligent research and development.

EpiGentek’s values are :

  • Help researchers solve problems related to epigenetics.
  • To develop and introduce simplification and precision in epigenetic experiments.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction through reliability, speed, superior service and quality.
  • To encourage and facilitate the study of epigenetics for potential medical applications.
  • To create and innovate epigenetic products by regularly analysing technological trends.