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Biotech Support Group is a manufacturer of unique series of products for purification of samples, protein enrichment, enrichment of kinases and other ATP binding proteins, mammal, bacterial and viral DNA/RNA purification and isolation, plasmid isolation, hemoglobin removal/depletion, albumin removal/ depletion, lipid removal, etc.
All these unique products are excellent to be used in varies applications in the fields of proteomics and genomics. Because of the mild conditions under which the purification/enrichment of the samples is done, the proteins retain their tertiary structures, enzymes – their biological activity and can be easily used in downstream applications.
The protocols are fast and user friendly, most of the products are not species specific, making them ideal for researchers who work with many different model species.
Biotech Support Group and GENTAUR offer a great versatility in terms of customization of the products, bulk aliquoting, etc. so that they can be as useful to the end users as possible.