Abbkine is a company based in USA which best known for its antibodies, ELISA kits and recombinant proteins. Their ELISA kits under the tardemark EliKine™ have quickly become a synonym of cost efficient and reliable kits that will get the job done.

Abbkine’s catalogue also includes an impressive product line of reagents for labeling and tracing of macromolecules, antibody conjugates, dyes, etc. Abbkine’s AbFluor™ line of fluorescent dyes outperforms the standard Alexa Fluor dyes by providing a brighter and more stable signal.

Abbkine also manufactures various cell based assay kits such as apoptosis detection, staining of cell membranes and organelles, cell and tissue metabolism, cytotoxicity assays, cell viability, etc.

All Abbkine products are available through Gentaur.