Ras Elisa Kit 2nd April 2022

RAS ELISA KIT DETECTS ONLY THE ACTIVE FORM OF RAS We have developed a series of ELISA kits to detect various RAS (GTPase) proteins in humans (ras elisa kit) . These kits have been developed to detect this protein, which is involved in several signalling pathways and scientific and political processes, in different types of media, including breast fluid, plasma, soot cell fluid, cell culture fluid, textiles and urine. Get quoteDATASHEETFEATURES ¬†This Ras ELISA kit… Continue reading
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Ras Kits 18th February 2022

Ras kits, antibodies and plasmids are high-quality, validated tools for research. The Ras, HRAS and KRAS genes were identified by Edward M. Scolnick and colleagues following the study of two cancer-causing viruses, Harvey sarcoma virus and Kirsten sarcoma virus. The viruses were first discovered in rats by Jennifer Harvey and Werner H. Kirsten, respectively, hence the name rat sarcoma. Later, in 1982, Geoffrey M. Cooper discovered human ras genes activated and transformed into human cancer… Continue reading