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Volumetric Pipette use, accuracy… 7th February 2022

There are many types of pipettes, volumetric pipettes, graduation pipettes... but first of all, what is a pipette? A pipette is a small tube that can transfer liquids from one container to another. Pipettes, or pipettes, are common pieces of laboratory equipment. What is a pipette? A pipette is a common laboratory tool used to transfer and dispense fixed amounts of liquids. There are many varieties of pipettes, each with specific uses, constructions and usage… Continue reading

PCR Filter Tips 30th December 2021

In stock!Find the right pipette tipPCR Filter Tips (High Quality) Our PCR Filter Tips are designed to fit almost all types of pipettes. They are manufactured from the highest quality materials in a sterile cleanroom environment, ensuring they are free from contaminants that can affect your results. Not all tips are the same, and we are proud of the high standard we have created using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Request a quote Available sizes sizes 20… Continue reading
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Pipette filter tips – high demand, low supply and uncertain future for the PCR tests 6th November 2020 – Posted in: Virus

Due to the increased use of PCR there is a worldwide shortage of 1000ul and 1250ul PCR filter tips that are used for safe handling of DNA and RNA samples. Big distributors like Gentaur had already built up a filter tip stock to continue supplying filter tips to diagnostic and forensic laboratories but this stock is already lacking the large filter tips. Small filter tips are still available. Apparently this will not be sufficient since… Continue reading