Product Quantity: 15 mL Manufacturer: Biotech Support Group

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Viraffinity – purification of viruses and virions Purifies whole infectious non-enveloped viruses and non-infectious enveloped viruses Isolates antigenic virions, enveloped and non-enveloped. Viraffinity enriches the viral nucleic acids in the samples. With Viraffinity you can prepare the viral samples for subsequent detection and analysis. Viraffinity is a unique water-insoluble elastomeric polyelectrolyte that has been engineered for the capture and recovery of viruses. Applications include: purification of whole infectious non-enveloped virus, virions, viral components, and sample preparation for subsequent detection and analysis. Viraffinity is directly added to the sample that is then mixed and centrifuged. The centrifuged pellet contains polyelectrolyte-bound viruses that can then be recovered using a moderately alkaline pH solution. Viraffinity is supplied as a suspension reagent ready for use. Simply pipette the suspension into the sample at the appropriate ratio, typically 1 volume of Viraffinity; to 4 volumes sample. Viraffinity is also supplied as the enabling component of the ViraPrep application kits.

Manufacturer: Biotech Support Group