resDetect™ E. coiI resDNA Quantitative Kit (qPCR)

Supplier: Gentaur

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Catalog: 716-OPA-O002
Product Size: 100tests

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Residual host cell DNA refers to fragments of DNA from the host organism that are left behind after a biological process such as the production of a biopharmaceutical product or the cultivation of a cell line. This residual DNA can potentially contaminate the final product and affect its safety and efficacy. In the context of biopharmaceutical production, regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EMA have set limits on the amount of residual host cell DNA that is acceptable in a final product. These limits vary depending on the type of product and the route of administration, and residue host cell DNA quantitative kits are designed to ensure that the final product is safe for human use.

The kit is used for quantitative detection of residual E. coli DNA in biopharmaceutical production.

-20℃ Dry ice

E. coli

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