Rat BACE1(Beta Site APP Cleaving Enzyme 1) ELISA Kit

Supplier: Gentaur

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Product Size: 96T

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Method of detection: Double Antibody, Sandwich ELISA;Reacts with: Rattus;Sensitivity: 0.094 ng/ml

  • Detection range: 0.156-10 ng/ml
  • Uniprot ID: P56819
  • Alias: BACE1/APP beta-secretase/ASP2/Aspartyl protease 2/BACEAsp 2/beta-secretase 1/beta-secretase 1 precursor variant 1/beta-site amyloid beta A4 precursor protein-cleaving enzyme/Beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1/Beta-site APP cleaving enzyme 1/beta-site APP-cleaving enzyme/beta-site APP-cleaving enzyme 1/EC 3.4.23/EC aspartic protease 2/transmembrane aspartic proteinase Asp2

The ELISA kit should be stored in a fridge, at 4 ℃. It could be used 6 months after the manufacturing date. Before using it, check the expiry date of the kit.

Rat BACE1(Beta Site APP Cleaving Enzyme 1) ELISA Kit is for research use only. Do not use on humans.

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