Protease Inhibitor Cocktail

Supplier: Gentaur

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Catalog: 931-C0001-50mg Stock:On request
Product Size: 50mg

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Protease Inhibitor Cocktail

  • Purity: 0.98
  • CAS#: C0001
  • Bioactivity: Gentaur provides a wide array of customizable Protease Inhibitor Cocktails, each with varying mechanisms of actions, aimed at protecting your protein samples. They work by helping proteins avoid rapid degradation caused by endogenous proteases during the cell lysis and protein purification processes. The Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I contains six protease inhibitors with broad specificity, aimed at facilitating the inhibition of aspartyl, cysteine, serine, as well as several aminopeptidases.

For research use only.

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