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ProCipitate – Protein removal and DNA enrichment & isolation reagent ProCipitate is a non-hazardous replacement for phenol/chloroform method for extraction of DNA. ProCipitate removes from the sample solely the contaminants leaving a clean sample of DNA. ProCipitate ensures higher yield of DNA compared to the other bind and elute systems. ProCipitate is not only adaptable to any volume of a sample, but can also be applied automated systems. ProCipitate is a key component of the ProPrep line kits. ProCipitate is a unique reagent for protein removal and is based on patented elastomeric polyelectrolytes. The polymeric chains of ProCipitate are initially extended in a state of high energy which is caused by an overall net negative charge. When introduced to protein solutions, the charges are neutralized and the polymer chains collapse to a more favorable energy state but with no reaction with DNA or RNA. ProCipitate is not a hazardous reagent and successfully replaces phenol/chloroform with the additional benefits of solid-phase suspensions: adaptability to filtration and automation. It is routinely used for plasmids, cosmids, BACs, and genomic DNA, as well as RNA. ProCipitate can be used to remove from the samples Proteinase K and other enzymes. ProCipitateyields DNA of high purity that is excellent for automated sequencing, performing southern blot and restriction digestion. ProCipitate is available as a suspension reagent and in ProPrep kits for specific applications and high-throughput 96 well filter formats. For the bulk vial of ProCipitate P0050-50: 500ml, please, contact us.

Manufacturer: Biotech Support Group