Monkeypox virus (strain Zaire-96-I-16) E8L Protein, His Tag

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Monkeypox virus (strain Zaire-96-I-16) E8L, His Tag (E8L-M52H3) is expressed from human 293 cells (HEK293). It contains AA Met 1 - Thr 275 (Accession # Q8V4Y0-1).

Monkeypox is a rare zoonosis caused by monkeypox virus, which has become the most serious orthpoxvirus and consists of complex double stranded DNA. The cases are mostly in central and western Africa. The pathogenesis of monkeypox is that the virus invades the body from respiratory mucosa , multiplies in lymphocytes, and incurs into blood producing transient venereal toxemia. after the virus multiplies in cells, the cells can invade the blood and propagate to the skin of the whole body, causing lesions. E8L can Binds to chondroitin sulfate on the cell surface to provide virion attachment to target cell.

-20℃ RT

Monkeypox virus (strain Zaire-96-I-16)

This protein carries a polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus. The protein has a calculated MW of 33.7 kDa. The protein migrates as 40-50 kDa under reducing (R) condition (SDS-PAGE) due to glycosylation.

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