M21-500-461-AW AF Systems Consumables

Supplier: Gentaur

312.50  GBP
Inc. VAT:375 GBP
Catalog: 79-110932
Product Size: Box of 1 Tape

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Description Dutch: Zelflaminerende polyestertape voor BMP21-PLUS; BMP21-LAB; BMP21; LABPAL; Description French: Ruban en polyester auto-protégé pour BMP21-PLUS; BMP21-LAB; BMP21; LABPAL

  • Ship and store at ambient temperature
  • UPC/EAN Code: 66282090002
  • UNSPSC: 55121612

  • Size - Width (mm): 12.70 mm
  • Size - Length (m): 6.40 m

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