LBA4404 ElectroCompetent Agrobacterium- 18x50µl

Supplier: Gentaur

1062.93  GBP
Inc. VAT:1275.52 GBP
Catalog: 774-1285-36
Product Size: 18/PK

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Intact Genomics LBA4404 ElectroComp Agrobacterium cells are optimized for the highest transformation efficiencies which is ideal for applications requiring high transformation efficiencies, such as with cDNA or gDNA library construction. The LBA4404 strain is useful for transgenic operations of tomatoes, tobacco and other plants. LBA4404 contains a rifampicin resistance gene (rif). LBA4404 strain also contains a octoprine-type Ti plasmid pAL4404 without self-transport function, which contains the vir gene.Product Includes:• LBA4404 Electrocompetent cells• pCAMBIA control DNA• Recovery medium

stored at -80°C

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