KinaSorb 10

Product Quantity: 10 preps Manufacturer: Biotech Support Group

420.00 £

KinaSorb Kinase (and other ATP binding proteins) Enrichment Reagent The ratio of Total Kinase Activity relative to total protein content increases with over 300% with KinaSorb. ATP binding proteins recoverable, ~200 ug The concentration of kinase volume goes up with more than 4 times, relative to the starting volume. The protocol takes only a hour, it is scaleable and also is compatible with functional assays, electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry. Phosphatase (both neutral and alkaline) activities are not detectable. Improves protein normalization when comparing heterogeneous tissues. KinaSorb is a new reagent kit used for the enrichment and isolation of kinases. In a patent pending process, ATP – the common substrate for kinases, is reversibly immobilized to metallic oxide particles, producing a single-use highly efficient enrichment method for kinase and other ATP binding proteins. The standard prep protocol starts with 100 ul of clarified cellular extracts, or approximately 2 mg total cellular extract protein, but the process can be scaled up or down to accommodate samples of different volumes and protein concentrations. The methods are reasonably specific to ATP; little Phosphodiesterase activity (an enzyme which binds to a structurally similar adenosine containing substrate – CAMP), was measured in the eluant after KinaSorb treatment. The kit includes all necessary reagents to immediately start working. For more information about KinaSorb, please, review the full datasheet of the product. (here)

Manufacturer: Biotech Support Group