Hsp70 Antibody (Clone S5)

Product Quantity: 100 ug Manufacturer: Biovision

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Antibody Target: Hsp70

Target Alternative Name: HSPA4, APG2, APG-2, HSP70RY, HS24/P52, MGC131852 , hsp70RY


Category: Heat Shock Protein

Host: Mouse

Antibody Type: Monoclonal

Isotype: Mouse IgG1

Clone: S5

Species Reactivity: Human, mouse, rat, monkey, hamster, rabbit, bovine

Immunogen Sequence: Recombinant human Hsp70

Accession: AAA02807

Gene ID: 51095054

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Antibody Form: Liquid

Concentration: 0.5 mg/ml

Formulation: 100 ug (0.5 mg/ml) in PBS containing 1 mg/ml BSA and 1.5 mM sodium azide and 50% glycerol.

Purification: Affinity purified

Application: Western blot, Immunoprecipitation, Immunohistochemistry

Positive Control: 

Application & Usage: Western blot analysis (1 ug/ml), immunoprecipitation (5-10 ug/ml), Immunohistochemistry (5-20 ug/ml, frozen & paraffin), and FACS analysis. However, the optimal conditions should be determined individually. The antibody recognizes a 70 kDa protein, corresponding to the apparent molecular weight of the inducible Hsp70 on SDS-PAGE immunoblots. This antibody has no reactivity with the constitutive Hsc70 (Hsp73).

Background Descriptions: Hsp70, one class of stress proteins, is comprised of multiple members, all of which bind ATP in vitro, but are localized within different intracellular compartments. These include: a) the constitutive Hsc70 (or cognate) present within the cytosol/nucleus; b) the highly stress-inducible Hsp70 present within the cytosol/ nucleus/nucleolus; c) the constitutive glucose regulated 78 kDa (or BiP) protein present within the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum; and d) the glucose regulated 75 kDa protein present within the mitochondria. Hsp70 is typically not expressed in the cell under normal growth conditions, but is expressed at high levels in the cell experiencing stress. Consequently, detection of Hsp70 using an antibody specific for the inducible form is quite useful in ascertaining whether a stress response has occurred in the cell.

Storage Temperature: -20 Celsius

Shipping: gel pack

Shelf Life: 12 months

Usage: For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans.

Handling: The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use. Lyophilized and liquid form antibodies can be shipped and stored for short terms at +4 degrees Celsius and at -20 for long term storage.

Elisa: Not Verified

Western Blot (WB): Verified

Immunoprecipitation (IP): Not Verified

Immunofluorescence (IF): Not Verified

Flow Cytometry: Not Verified

Immunohistochemistry (IHC): Not Verified

Dot blot: 


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