HBV core recombinant antigen

Supplier: Gentaur

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Catalog: 83-00120-V-1000ug Stock:On request
Product Size: 1000 ug

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HBV core recombinant antigen HBcAg a.a 1 to a.a 183 of HBV core antigen 18 kDa

Category: Antigens, HBV, Ag

HBV core recombinant antigen should be shipped with Ice packs. Once received, it should be kept at 4°C. for a short time. For a long time storage, put it in a freezer, at -80°C.

Tested for: ELISA, WB, Lateral Flow

This product is for laboratory research use only or further manufacturing only and should not be used for human diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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