GV3101 Electrocompetent Agrobacterium - 6x50µl

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Product Size: 6/PK

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GV3101 strain (A. tumefaciens) has a C58 chromosomal background with rifampicin resistance and the Ti plasmid pMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) with gentamicin resistance. The GV3101 Ti plasmid has the T-DNA region sequences deleted and transformation with a binary vector containing the missing T-region results in a functional T-DNA binary system that allows for transfer of genetic material into a host plant’s genome. Therefore, this system is often used for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of several dicots such as Arabidopsis thaliana, tobacco, potato, and monocots like corn.Product Includes:• GV3101 Electrocompetent cells• pCAMBIA control DNA• Recovery medium

stored at -80°C

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