Dynamiker Monkeypox Virus Ag Rapid Test

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The product is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of monkeypox virus antigen in human whole blood, serum, plasma or rash exuudate. The kit is intended for professional use only.

  • Test should be stored at 2-30°C in dark and dry place for 24 month. DO NOT freeze the test. Test cassette is recommended to be used within 0.5 hour after opening the pouch
  • If the temperature is higher than 30°C or in high humidity enviroment, it should be to use immediately.

This product uses dual antibody sandwich method. During the test, a specimen is dropped into the sample well, and then the specimen is supermposed under the capilary effect. If the specimen contains monkeypox virus, A color band appears in the test area (T) indicate a positive result for monkepox virus. If the specimen does not contain the corresponding substrace to be tested, there will be no color bands in the test area (T), and the result will be negative. A color band appears in the quality control area (C) regardless of whether the corresponfing substance to be tested is present in the specimen. The color band in the quality control area (C) is the standard to determine whether there are enough specimens and whether the chromatographic process is normal, and also serves as the internal control standard of the test.

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