Carboxyl Magnetic Particles

Supplier: Gentaur

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Product Size: 10 mL

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Carboxyl Magnetic Particles are prepared by coating a layer of magnetite and polystyrene onto monodispersed (i.e.. uniform sized) polystyrene core particles. The magnetic particles can be easily separated from a suspension magnetically. These particles become non magnetic when removed from a magnet, and do not retain any detectable magnetism even after repeated exposure to strong magnetic field.Are of research that those particles had been tested are cell separation, affinity purification, DNA probe assays, magnetic particle EIA. For more infomation please don't hesiate to contact our technical team.

Most items are stable at room temperature. However we recommend to store them between 4-8 C after first use. Always refer to the technical documentation inside the kit for proper storage and handling. If you have any doubts contact Gentaur technical expert via live chat, phone orr email.

25-37 um

This product is for research use only.

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