AGL1 Electrocompetent Agrobacterium - 18x50µl

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Product Size: 18/PK

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The AGL1 strain (A. tumefaciens) has a C58 chromosomal background that carries an insertion mutation in its recA recombination gene which stabilizes recombinant plasmids. It also carries rifampicin and carbenicilin resistance in its genome for selection. AGL1 contains the Ti plasmid pTiBO542 from which the T-DNA region sequences have been deleted. Transformation with a binary vector containing the missing T-region results in a functional T-DNA binary system that allows for transfer of genetic material into a host plant’s genome. Therefore, this system is often used for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana as well as maize and other monocots.Product Includes:• AGL1 Electrocompetent cells• pCAMBIA control DNA• Recovery medium

stored at -80°C

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