AGAROSE D1 , 1% TAE, Non toxic Stain

Product Quantity: 10 x 200 ml Flask Manufacturer: Condalab

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Manufacturer: Condalab

You need to adjust time and power settings according to the output strength of your microwave. Be careful not to overboil the agarose as this will lead to hydrolysis and lower gel strength. Total agarose melting has to be performed by boiling the solution only enough to affect total dissolution. Bubble formation issues: to avoid the formation of bubbles in the gel, please, first cool to 60°C and then pour cautiously into the gel tank. After the molten agarose is poured, allow it to cool gradually and form the gel; rapid cooling will lead to an irregular gel matrix and the bands will distort during electrophoresis. Low melt agarose gels need to sit for an additional 30 min or overnight at 4-8°C to allow a total gelling process. Low melting or low percentage gels: it is important to run electrophoresis in a cold buffer. High voltages can cause overheating of the buffer which can melt the gel. Buffer composition can be determinative in the gelling process: if agents that disrupt hydrogen bond formation are added to the buffer, melting temperature and gel strength will decrease, or even inhibit gel formation. Once the gel is set, flood with the buffer. The gel can be stored refrigerated for several days.

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