100bp Plus Opti-DNA Marker

Supplier: Gentaur

312.38  GBP
Inc. VAT:374.86 GBP
Catalog: 10171-G193
Product Size: 500 μl/100 loads

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PCR products and double-stranded DNA were digested with appropriate restriction enzymes to completion to yield 12 bands, ranging from 100 pb – 3 kb, for molecular weight standards in agarose gel electrophoresis. The 500 and 1,500 base pair bands have increased intensity to serve as quick reference points. Approximated mass of each DNA band is provided (for a loading size of 5 μl of the DNA ladder) for approximating the mass of DNA in comparably intense DNA samples of similar size.

  • Shipping: Ice Packs
  • Storage: Store @ 4°C for up to 3 months or -20°C for up to 24 months.

For research use only

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