Diagnostic kits that rely on the ELISA kits are produced for clinical diagnosis of human disease, dairy and poultry diseases, and even for plant diseases. The diagnostic kits are so simple that most require no laboratory equipment and using them takes as little as 5 minutes.

ELISA Test Kits

For how long can an ELISA kit still function after the expiry date?

The antibody plate will still function after 1 year of expiration. However the detection limit will be higher. The expiry of the internal standard is specific to each protein and depends on the storage of -20*C or at +4*C. If you want to use your Elisa kit longer than 1 year after expiration Gentaur advises to store the control at – 85*C

Can I use an expired ELISA kit?

Yes, the coated plate is stable for a very long time. It is usual the standard that limits the expiry date of an Elisa kit. We recommend to order a new internal standard if the expiry date is passed or if the kit has been stored for more than 48h at room temperature

What is an ELISA?

It’s the an abbreviation of Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. ELISA is an immunosorbent biochemical essay that is applied to quantify the substances present in body fluids. It involves the detection of large sized molecules instead of small molecules i.e. ions, glucose and potassium. Elisa is applied to diagnose a large number of pathological conditions like HIV p24, Vit D or 8-OHdG

The basic step in this essay is immobilization of the antigen on a 96 well plate. During this essay, an antibody which specifically binds with a particular antigen is directed to bind with a specific antigen. After the formation of an antigen-antibody complex, a secondary antibody is added to the mixture to detect the primary antibody for a particular antigen. The antibody is then linked to an enzyme by bioconjugation. At the last step, an enzymatic substrate is added which generates a clear single which measures the quantity of antigen in sample. Elisa is considered very dependable now a days for their consistency and rapid analysis.

How many types of ELISA’s are there?

There are 2 types. The most common Sandwich Elisa with captor and detector antibodies or the direct ELISA’s where the antigen is bound on the 96 well plate. The standard curve will be inversed in the second case

At what temperature should I store an ELISA kit?

All Elisas are stored at +4*C. However the standard may be stored at minus 20*C