Condalab is a long term partner of GENTAUR and a world-renowned manufacturer of media, additives, supplements, stains, etc. for the needs the microbiology laboratories. Ready to use or dehydrated, pre-made disks or bulk packages, Condalab manufactures a wide variety of basic and specialized media for various microbiological applications and purposes. Amongst their products you will find a number of agars, peptones, broths, extracts from various mammal tissues and organs, yeast or bacteria, supplements and additives. With this large arsenal or tools, it is easy to culture, cultivate, maintain, define, differentiate, enumerate and selectively grow a large specter of microorganisms (bacteria, molds, yeast). Specialized media and/or additives will provide you with an easy way to determine the presence of a given microorganism or a specific strain based on specific metabolites that are produced, easy detection and/or determination of the microorganisms based on changes in the colour of the media, specialized media for testing antibiotic resistance/susceptibility of various microorganisms, media designed especially for the purpose to be used in the molecular biology analysis of microorganisms and many more are just the start of the incredible support that you will receive by using our products.
Condalab also manufactures a variety of ultra pure and fine agaroses with a different level of strength, melting temperature, pore size, genetic quality tested etc. to be used for electrophoresis of DNA/RNA or proteins.