Biomat is a company founded in 1992 whose mission is to help scientists and researchers by developing special plastic products for diagnostics and medical applications. It offers high-quality products including microplates, PCR products and other products.

Biomat is a company that specialize in production of original in house made, microplates for immunoassays with modified surfaces. From the original Medium and High Binding capacity 96 well plates for ELISA, LIA and FIA, extended the production to different formats and developed several types of surfaces. The fields of applications of Biomat are:

Processes and testing methods that company use can be both based on our standards and/or adapted to the customers’ specific needs or articles or new ones can be developed jointly with the customer.

Biomat is certified, 9001:2015 in June 2017 In addition, the company pride ourselves with the highest Quality Control standards thanks to really effective processes: every lot is tested for uniformity and reproducibility and the QC certificates are available both online and in paper format.
All Biomat products could be purchased via Gentaur.