Affinity Biosciences is a life sciences and high technology company providing biochemical products and services for biotechnology, medical research and pharmaceutical development. Its offerings include custom polyclonal antibodies, phosphate-specific antibodies, modification-specific antibodies, peptide and inhibitor synthesis service and organic synthesis.

It was founded in 2006 and our headquarters was launched in 2012. Our laboratory and offices occupy an area of 3,000 square metres, and we have a 10,000 square metre animal breeding base. To date, Affinity Biotech has successfully developed more than 13,000 kinds of antibodies, and we have more than 15,000 kinds of peptides in stock. Phosphorylated antibodies have become our main products, and we have established cooperation with almost all major antibody brands in the world.

Since 2018, Affinity antibody has continuously won top awards from CiteAb (the world’s largest antibody information platform) in 2019 and 2020, becoming the only antibody brand in the world to win this award.

Since its inception, Affinity Biosciences has been committed to providing the highest quality antibody products and services to scientific researchers around the world. To date, more than 14,000 types of antibodies have been successfully developed and the peptide inventory exceeds 16,000. Among them, the phosphorylated antibody is Affinity’s global calling card. Among its 2400 phospho-specific antibodies, there are 800 unique worldwide (with Cat#AF7, Cat#AF8) verified by IHC tissue array, combination of blocking peptides and mass spectrometry, independent antibody verification recommended by IWGAV, three levels of quality control, third party verification and offered with original MS report and HPLC report. Customers would be hard pressed to find this from other suppliers. At the same time, it offers fast and cost-effective antibody customisation services, and has helped many scientific research institutions around the world meet experimental expectations and publish.

Dedicated to customer success through innovation, Affinity Biosciences has established R&D subsidiaries in the UK and the US to provide exceptional service worldwide. Our customers are scientists and technologists from life science companies, academic and government institutions, hospitals and industry. To underline their commitment to customers and improve their level of service, they have opened a packaging and quality control facility in the People’s Republic of China. Our goal is to develop high quality antibodies focused on cellular signal transduction research, including Akt, AMPK, NF-KappaB, TGF-beta, etc., as well as related inhibitors and reagents.

Quality comes first, results always count
Quality assurance at Affinity Biosciences is of paramount importance and Affinity Biosciences cannot afford to lose it. Our quality peptide design is essential to generate specific, selective and reproducible antibodies the first time. Affinity Biosciences uses synthetic peptides or recombinant proteins to expertly and competently produce antibodies from scratch, allowing strict control of product quality and enabling us to target specific protein regions and isoforms.

More than just antibodies
In addition to being the leading provider of innovative tools for signal transduction research, Affinity Biosciences also offers a wide range of over 500 inhibitors and siRNAs. Affinity Biosciences also plays an active role in the customer service of antibodies and peptides.

Company offers products such as:

  • Tools for signaling transduction research
  • Variety of more than 500 inhibitors
  • SiRNA
  • Custom Polyclonal antibody
  • Custom Phospho-Specific antibody
  • Custom Modification Specific Antibody
  • Peptide Synthesis Service
  • Inhibitors & Organic Synthesis