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The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) has proven its usefulness as a method in various fields of the research and diagnostics. We are here to support you with everything that you need to perform a PCR – from filtered tips, through the separate components and full ready-to-use kits to cyclers. Here You can find premixes with different optimization, with or without dyes, mastermixes for Conventional, Real Time and Reverse Transcription (RT) PCR, DNTPs (standard or modified), Hot start and conventional Taq polymerase, Pfu DNA polymerase and more.


We offer you the largest choice of immunoassays for research purposes and for diagnostics (veterinary and human). We provide kits for Direct & Indirect ELISA, Competitive ELISA, Sandwich ELISA, IFA & RIA for Human, Mouse, Hamster, Goat, Fish, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rat, Sheep, Horse, Dog, Chicken, Bovine, Monkey, & many more antigens.

Colorimetric Assays

Our colorimetric assay kits are irreplaceable tools for qualitative and quantitative determination of various organic and inorganic molecules and enzymes. They guarantee accuracy, time and cost efficiency and have user friendly working protocols. Our kits will be helpful in studies on oxidative stress, enzyme activity, metabolism, cation & anion, blood/urine chemistry, signal transduction. GENTAUR brings to you the top assay lines EnzyChrom & QuantiChrom.

Media, Sera & Additives

Whether you work with bacteria or with animal cell lines (including hybridomas) we can provide You with a large choice of media with various modifications and media additives (both serum based and fully synthetic) for optimal results. Here You will also find bacterial strains, various agar media, pure agaroses, peptones, identification reagents.